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Oyez Home Automation

Secure your home with Secured Door Locks, Intrusion Alarm System, Burglar Alarm System, LPG leakage Detection System, Smoke or Fire Alarm System, CCTV System, Perimeter or Compound Security.

Oyez Home Automation provides the primary solution on a retrofit basis i.e. no need to break the wall or change your existing home setup. Wireless control gives you the freedom of scalability both upward and downward of features and appliances at your convenience.

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About Us
Simple Installation

The system does not require any wires, so it is not permanently connected to the home infrastructure.


In our system, the access to the home and data of users are protected. The latest systems are used for encription.


Our system may be easily extended at anytime. At any time, the user may add new elements and define more functionalities.


Our system is open system. It allows user to integrate varios external devices.


Our Products are designed with attention to details. They are high-quality and reliable products.

Remote Access

With our system, you don't have to be at home. Applications for smartphones and tablets allow you to configure and control devices from anywhere.


The system offers the control of multiple home devices. With unlimited possibilities, you can create your own scenes that trigger specific actions.


With power consumption measurement and automatic inactivation of individual devices, our system gives you powerful support in rational energy management.

Affordable Pricing

Our system is really affordable. Our primary concern is to make it feasible for everyone to use such sophisticated system.

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